Hilltop Design

Unforgettable Design

I bring to each client a unique blend of skills and proudly am starting my second decade in the design field. With a RISD education, coupled with an English degree from Vassar, and years in the publishing industry, my Hilltop Design projects combine creativity, attention to detail, and an understanding of the importance of deadlines. My philosophy is simply to design dynamic spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. With that said, the inspiration for every project always stems first from the client’s needs and preferences. I take that information and offer designs that will best reflect their personal style and function within the space.

Jumbo Projects and Tiny Ones, too

I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhattan, and Southwestern Florida. The scope of each project varies widely. I am happy to tackle a room “refresh” which could encompass new window treatments, or furniture, or accessories, through extensive renovations or new construction. Quite often a project will lead to another with the same client…from home to second home, or office, or a family member’s project. Building strong relationships is one of the most important aspects of the design process.

The Elephant in the Room

Each job has its own unique set of challenges and inspirations. Good design means working creatively for a successful outcome in a timely fashion. However, when the project suggests it, my design plans can be divided into “phases” so that clients can achieve their design dreams over time. I am especially happy when I can help to empower clients in the decision-making process.

The Herd

I am involved in your project from initial meeting, design, creation, through final implementation. After a dozen years in business, I have assembled an excellent team of sub-contractors who maintain their own businesses as well as providing ongoing support to Hilltop Design. This working relationship is efficient and means realistic scheduling and budgets for my clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this team in my own homes as well. This rolodex of professionals becomes available to you as a client of Hilltop Design.